Xuanhua 5000Nm3 / H Full Liquid Air Separation Plant EPC Project Is Progressing Well

- Jan 31, 2018-

Gas Circle News, recently, from Zhejiang Xin Rui Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. website was informed that the project for the Xuanhua 5000 Nm3 / h full liquid air separation plant process design has been completed, into the equipment design, procurement and production preparation stage, the project has also been designed Completed, it is planned to carry out civil construction in March 2018, start equipment installation in August, and finish the project in December.


Xuanhua 5000Nm3 / h full liquid air separation plant is the EPC project of Zhejiang Xinrui Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. which won the bid in October 2017. The contract includes the complete set of liquid air separation plant, design, manufacture, instrumentation and control system, electric control system, engineering design, Civil Engineering and Installation Engineering. The contract is based on the existing set of 5000m3 / h air separation unit of Xuanhua Ziguang Gas Co., Ltd., and fully utilizes the original air compressor of 24000Nm3 / h displacement and the precooling of 5000Nm3 / h air separation unit Systems and purification systems, new air cycle compressor, fractionator cold box and turboexpander system, constitute a full liquid air separation plant.http://www.wxytgas.com/