What Is The Difference Between The Identification Of Major Dangerous Sources Of Dangerous Chemicals (GB18218-2018) And The Old Version

- Jul 25, 2019-

The national standard "New Hazardous Chemicals Major Hazard Source Identification" (GB18218-2018) was released on November 19, 2018 and will be implemented on March 1, 2019. The release of this standard has caused great concern in the industry.

Identification of major hazard sources is an effective means of preventing major industrial accidents. Since the European Community promulgated the "Significant Accident Hazard in Industrial Activities" in 1982, the United States, Canada, India, Thailand and other places have issued corresponding standards. In 1996, Australia issued the national standard NOHSC: 1014 (1996) Hazard Source Control. The basis for identifying significant hazards in these regulations or standards is the hazard and criticality of the substance. In 1997, in the pilot work of the major hazard source census organized by the former Ministry of Labor, the pilot implementation of major hazard identification was carried out. On the basis of the pilot work, the State Administration of Economic and Trade Safety Production Bureau proposed the Identification of Major Hazard Sources ( GB18218-2000). In 2009, the State Administration of Safety Supervision changed the standard name to “Identification of Major Hazardous Sources of Hazardous Chemicals” (GB18218-2009) instead of the original standard. This "Significant Hazard Source Identification" (GB18218-2018) is a revision of the 2009 version.www.wxytgas.com