Unplugged 600km, Hyundai Is About To Introduce Hydrogen-powered Cars

- May 26, 2018-

Gas circle news, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. has confirmed the launch of the new energy SUV, Nexo, which is a production-based version. It is a hydrogen-based fuel cell vehicle that has already been on the road in South Korea; a modern Nexo positioning and a compact SUV product, in terms of appearance. This car should be regarded as one of the most successful products in modern SUV product design. Front face grille inverted trapezoidal design with slender LED lights, gives the feeling is quite a sense of strength, and the overall muscle sense of design ideas to make this car more.


Currently in the Chinese market, most of the new energy vehicles are "competitive" with lithium battery packs, and there seems to be a bottleneck in the overall battery life. It is difficult to break through. However, modern Nexo uses a hydrogen fuel cell. The oxygen in the air and the hydrogen in the hydrogen storage tank react chemically in the fuel stack to generate electricity and water, which in turn generates electricity to generate kinetic energy. Modern Nexo's hydrogen storage device is composed of three hydrogen storage tanks of comparable size. It has passed quite stringent fire resistance and crash tests to ensure sufficient safety performance. The mileage under the Korean standard can reach 609km, which is considered a comparison. Considerable mileage.


Modern Nexo's motor has a maximum horsepower of 154 horsepower and a maximum torque of 395 Nm. It accelerates for nearly 100 seconds at a speed of 100 kilometers. This is a very mediocre acceleration performance. Compared with many lithium battery electric vehicles, it still has a slight disadvantage.


At present, this car has not yet been introduced into the Chinese market, but China's hydrogen fuel supporting measures are still not perfect, and the difficulty of charging hydrogen is still relatively large. After all, the technical difficulty of hydrogen storage and hydrogen storage is still relatively large, but we believe that the future In time, the popularity of hydrogen fuel cells will be much faster, and the market prospect of this car will be clear.

Modern Nexo is a new energy automotive product with a sharper appearance and interior design. Its cruising range is also considerable. However, the conversion speed of hydrogen fuel cells is low, so the acceleration performance of this car is not flattering. , But if the price of this car is right, then as a new energy alternative to traditional fuel, it is still very competitive, after all, its interior is still quite tempting, but if the price is too high, then its purchase value Obviously not as good as that ticket for a pure electric car.http://www.wxytgas.com/