The World's First Mobile Liquid Hydrogen Hydrogenation Station In South Korea

- Aug 03, 2018-

Gas Circle News, Hyllium recently established the world's first mobile hydrogen refueling station. The company said that Hylium hydrogen refueling stations can store hydrogen more safely and efficiently than hydrogen refueling stations used in the United States and Japan.


The mobile liquid hydrogen hydrogen refueling station is a 5 ton hydrogenation vehicle equipped with a liquid hydrogen pump, gasifier and hydrogenator. The hydrogen refueling station can store 7500 liters of low pressure hydrogen (3 bar) and can hydrogenate 100 fuel cell cars per day. Hylium said that the purity of liquid hydrogen used in its hydrogen refueling station is above 99.995%.


One of the advantages of this liquid hydrogen hydrogenation vehicle is that because it uses a 900 bar liquid hydrogen pump system, compressors and cooling systems are no longer needed, so equipment and driving costs are greatly reduced. 


Kim Seo Young, CEO of Hylium, said: “Hydrogen is not only a green energy source, it has become a cutting-edge technology and has been developed globally. Our mobile liquid hydrogen facilities are designed to make a significant contribution to hydrogen energy vehicles around the world.