The Tight Supply Of Helium Will Hold In2018

- Mar 19, 2018-

Gas circle news, recently, a company sent a letter to the major helium agents request to join hands together to deal with the market tensions in the first half of 2018. The reasons for sharing are as follows:

The first is the case of the American Yankuang, because the United States NASA decided to increase the number of rocket launches, directly causing the BLM shipments in February and March to be reduced to only the usual 65%, and not optimistic after April. Followed by Exxon, because one of its four sets of liquefiers failed, it has reduced shipments, which has the largest impact on Dainian Nitrate.

On the other hand, regarding the situation in Qatar, Qatar’s Phase I repairs failures in March and plans for overhauls of liquefiers in mid-April, which will affect shipments. In Qatar Phase II, due to failures in February. Temporarily reduced shipments, there will be an overhaul plan at the end of March and early April, and production will decrease.

Linde limited shipments of lower-priced MRI fluids and agents; AP and Praxair's supply in the Chinese market may also be relatively tight. Based on the above conditions, it is expected that the tense situation will continue for 2018. In June, it was even more intense than in the second half of last year. Helium is a scarce strategic resource. After more than five years of efforts, a company under the 16th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation adopted low-temperature high-pressure condensation and adsorption technology to successfully complete the conversion of military helium gas to civilian use and achieve helium. The purification and recycling of helium in the field will greatly reduce the use costs of industrial enterprises and research and military. The company will attend the 3rd International Gas Industry Summit Forum to publish the technical report "Industrial Fuxi Tail Gas Recovery, Purification Technology and Industrialization Development."