The Largest Krypton-xenon Rare Gas Refining Unit Is Expected To Be Completed In March

- Feb 03, 2018-

Gas circle News, by Zhejiang Xinrui Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. Hebei Handan Iron and new rare gas technology Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured the largest domestic krypton xenon rare gas purification plant in its Deqing factory completed the factory inspection and in December 2017 16 shipped to Handan user site. The krypton-xenon rare gas purification device processing capacity equivalent to three sets of 100000 Nm3 / h (oxygen) air separation unit extracted krypton xenon raw material refining capacity, is currently the largest krypton xenon refining device. According to the plan, the krypton xenon purification device is expected to be completed in March 2018 installation, commissioning of products in April, product design purity of space-class standards.

Hebei Handan Iron and Steel 新锐 Rare Gas Technology Co., Ltd. for the joint venture between Zhejiang Xinrui Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Handan Iron and Steel (50% stake in both parties: 50%), the two sides based on equality and mutual benefit, seek common development and win-win cooperation Principle, work together to expand the rare gas market, the joint venture to become the largest rare gas purification processing center in North China and China's most influential rare gas high-tech companies.