The Explanation Of The Dry Ice Cleaning And Its Effect On Cleaning Objects

- Dec 08, 2017-

Dry ice can be used for cleaning. So how to clean it? And what effect does it have on the object being cleaned? Let 's take a look at these two aspects, so that you can understand and use them in practice.

Dry ice cleaning is to accelerate the dry ice particles through high pressure air flow, and then impact the surface to be cleaned, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has the advantages that dry ice can be vaporized in an instant, and heat exchange can be rapidly carried out with the cleaning surface. And no secondary waste is generated in the cleaning process. But we should note that the momentum of the dry ice particles is related to the injection speed and mass.

The effect of the ice cleaning on cleaning objects mainly depends on whether there is any effect on cleaning parent metal. Therefore, a special experiment was carried out in this area, and the results showed that there is no effect on the parent metal.

Even if the dry ice particles are at high speed, there is no damage to the cleaning surface. Because it vaporizes instantaneously at the moment of impact, which will not wear the cleaning surface.