The Essence And Advantages Of The Carbon Dioxide Arc Welding

- Dec 05, 2017-

Why use the CO2 as the protective medium? It is because using the CO2 as the protection medium can make the electric arc and furnace hearth isolated from the surrounding air, thus obtaining excellent mechanical protection performance.

So what about using other gas as the protective medium? The answer is No. Although inert gases such as argon and helium do not react with metals, and are not dissolved in metals, they are harmful to the molten drop and furnace hearth, so they are not suitable for use. And the CO2 gas also has the advantages above, and compared with argon, helium and so on, the price is cheap, and can effectively prevent the harmful effect of nitrogen gas in the air to the molten drop and furnace hearth. More importantly, the oxidized molten metal can be easier to  deoxidize, because once the metal is oxidized, it is difficult to deoxidize.

The advantages of the carbon dioxide arc welding:

High welding productivity: The welding current density is large, the electric arc heat utilization ratio is high, thus increasing the productivity.

Low welding cost: Low price, less electricity consumption, so the welding cost is reduced.

Small welding deformation: It is especially suitable for light gauge welding.

Higher welding quality: It is less sensitive to rust, and has less welding hydrogen content and good cracking property.

Wide application range: It can realize the all-position welding, the thin plate,cut deal and thick plate can be welded.

Easy operation: There is no need for scarfing cinder after welding, and it is clear arc and easy to monitor, which is beneficial to realize the mechanization and automatic welding.