Six-axis Robot First Applied To Industrial Gas Industry

- Mar 17, 2018-

Innovation-driven development, technology leads the future, gas circle February 22nd, as a leading member of the Linde Group, a leading gas and engineering company, BOC Australia has created a new 20 million dollar special gas at its Sydney operations center in Wetherill Park. Production facilities, together with a $15 million gas cylinder robot automation system.

John Evans, general manager of BOC South Pacific, said: "The new special gas facilities will increase BOC's local specialty gas production capacity in Australia and also strengthen the reliability of supplying more than 8,000 high-purity and specialty gases to many high-value industries. From scientific and medical research to manufacturing and energy export, BOC is proud to be able to expand its own specialty gas production capacity, meet future demand for high-precision gas mixtures, and support the continued development of Australia’s vibrant research and knowledge economy. Laboratory technology and a team of experienced chemists, the new facility offers the best quality, precision and safety - allowing BOC to provide a wide range of scientific and calibration gases at almost half the time and higher bottled gas pressure."