Sichuan's 'gas Shortage', I Hope Everyone Can Make Suggestions And Suggestions To Tide Over Difficulties!

- Jun 06, 2018-

The gas circle reported on May 22. It is reported that three gas filling units in Chengdu, Sichuan Province today have ceased to sell externally due to carbon dioxide-free sources of supply, and another four units have ceased their external sales operations because of the lack of liquid oxygen. A large power company in Sichuan has been completely shut down due to “gas shortage”, and the existing gas reserves of many manufacturing factories are only enough for two days. Water, electricity, and gas are the basic guarantees for industrial production. The impact of the “gas shortage” storm on the industry in Sichuan is inestimable. If it cannot be solved in time, it will even endanger the industrial production of the entire southwest region.


Carbon dioxide situation

Sichuan-based large-scale carbon dioxide producers Sinopec and Meifeng have stopped production due to upstream maintenance. Meishan Jinxiang only produces food-grade carbon dioxide. Now Chengdu's gas filling units basically transfer goods from outside the province, and the price is even more than 1,600 yuan per ton.


Liquid oxygen situation

The air separation equipment of a large gas company in Sichuan was stopped due to lightning strikes and repairs are being stepped up. There are still no concrete reasons for this. Pengzhou Petrochemical AP's air separation is also in the maintenance phase, and is expected to resume production later next month. The liquid oxygen production of these two companies is about 3,000 tons per day. If this is calculated, that is to say, the current liquid oxygen gap in Chengdu is about 3,000 tons per day. The gas circle calls the industry to learn that the Chengdu market is liquid oxygen. The gap is also at least 1,500 tons per day because petrochemicals are not fully recovered. Currently, companies in Chengdu that use liquid-oxygen, liquid-nitrogen (N2O) liquids may not be able to buy gas and are shut down. Nearly two-thirds of companies are expected to stop production. If the local air separation plant cannot be repaired in the short-term, Chengdu's “gas shortage” incident will continue to deteriorate. According to informed sources, the price of local liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen is between 2,000 yuan and 2,400 yuan per ton, and the supply is still quite tight. In order to meet the normal production needs of customers, local gas companies are actively looking for ways, even without considering the cost from Gas purchases outside the province are only due to the commitment to customers! It is hoped that the majority of customers in Sichuan Province will understand and support them, and they hope that the gas companies in neighboring provinces and cities will extend their assistance to work together with Kawachichi's gas colleagues to jointly safeguard the industrial production in Southwest China.