Praxair Fourth Quarter Net Profit Of 33 Million US Dollars

- Feb 05, 2018-

January 26 hearing, Praxair announced fourth-quarter net profit of more than 210 million yuan (33 million US dollars). Adjusted for both pre-tax and non-recurring costs, earnings per share were $ 1.52, surpassing Wall Street expectations, with an average of just $ 1.48 per share for the eight analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research.

For the quarter ending in April this year, Praxair expects its earnings per share range from 1.53 US dollars to 1.58 US dollars, Zacks analysts surveyed adjusted adjusted earnings per share was 1.50 US dollars.

Praxair shares rose 4% this year, the S & P 500 index rose 6%. The stock has risen 37% in the past 12 months.