Overview Of High Purity Gases

- Nov 23, 2017-

High-purity gas (purity gases) usually refers to the use of modern purification technology to achieve a certain level of purity of gas. For different types of gases, the purity index is different, for example, for nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, and helium, usually the purity is equal to or higher than 99.999% of the pure gas, and for oxygen, purity of 99.99% can be called high pure oxygen; for hydrocarbons, the purity of 99.99% can be considered to be a high purity gas. High-purity gas applications are extremely wide in the semiconductor industry, high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium can be used as carrier gas and protective gas, high purity gas can be used as a mixture of gas.

The high purity gases can be divided into organic high purity gases and inorganic high purity gases according to the molecular structure.