Niacet Announced The Completion Of High Purity Hydrogen Chloride Plant Commissioning

- Jan 30, 2018-


Niacet Chemical announced the completion of commissioning and start AHCl (anhydrous hydrogen chloride) device, the level of the product can reach the VLSI level, the purity of products produced over 99.999%, ready for use in high-purity markets, including semiconductors demand.


To ensure the highest level of reliability and better customer service, Niacet previously acquired Alexander Chemical's AHCL Packaging and Distribution Company, which provides the full range of tube trailer-to-cylinder services.

Niacet Corporation, a member of the American Chemistry Council, has passed ISO 9001 and GMP safety certifications to provide a reliable gas supply for the food, pharmaceutical, electronics and technology industries. Industrial grade AHCl (anhydrous hydrogen chloride) was manufactured and supplied in 2013.