It’s Harmful To Laugh At The Gas, And It’s Illegal To Buy And Sell Without A License.

- Oct 11, 2018-

Gas Circle News, in 2017, Zhejiang Yunhe County police under the guidance of the Provincial Public Security Bureau Anti-drug Corps broke the country's first criminal case of "laughing gas" crime, September 3, 2018, according to the report of the new network Taizhou, Zhejiang Tiantai The county public security bureau also cracked an illegal operation of laughing gas into the criminal case, and five suspected personnel have been arrested and brought to justice.


It is reported that "Laughter", the scientific name of nitrous oxide, is a colorless, slightly sweet gas, which was first used as an anesthetic. Long-term use of laughing gas will produce psychological dependence, irreversible damage to the human body, resulting in cognitive function, memory damage, and even severe symptoms such as soft palate and semi-sputum. Detoxification experts said that excessive intake of laughter may lead to suffocation due to lack of oxygen.


On June 29th, in the daily work of the police station in the south of the Tiantai County police station, it was discovered that a local girl named Xu had a slap in the air. After the police rushed to Xu's home, they seized more than 100 laughter that had been consumed and more than 200 unopened.


Xu said that in order to alleviate the pressure of learning, she began to get angry with her curiosity at the beginning of this year. The laughter she sucked was purchased from Wu of Hangzhou by Alipay. After receiving the transfer from Xu, Wu used the ride to deliver the laughter to the rooftop.


The police further investigated and found that Wu had illegally sold a lot of laughter on Taobao and WeChat since last January. In view of the serious social harm of laughing, the Tiantai police immediately filed a case for investigation. In early July, the police rushed to Hangzhou to capture Wu.


During the interrogation, Wu confessed to the criminal facts of illegally selling laughing gas without obtaining a license for dangerous chemicals, and confessed that it was from Zeng, Wang and Wang of Shanghai, and Gong. After a certain 4th home buyer bought it, he sold it through Alipay and WeChat at a high price. After investigation, Wu’s online transfer amounted to more than one million yuan to purchase laughter, and illegally profited more than 100,000 yuan.


Subsequently, the Tiantai police searched for traces and rushed to Hangzhou and Shanghai. Zeng, Wang, Wang, and Gong, who were suspected of illegally operating the laughter, were arrested.


The police have now found out that Wang and others have sold a smile through Alipay and WeChat on the premise of not obtaining a dangerous chemicals business license, and the amount involved is relatively large. Among them, Zeng had purchased more than 1.7 million yuan of laughing gas sales, illegally profiting more than 200,000 yuan. At the same time, the police in the rent of a certain house and Wang Moumou in the warehouse in Kunshan, Jiangsu, respectively, seized 53 boxes of gas, 49 boxes, each worth more than 80,000 yuan.