Increase The Development Of Core Technology For Helium Exploration And Development

- Feb 19, 2019-

"China's legislation and related policies on the protection and development of helium resources are still blank. In addition, the development costs are high, the enterprises with helium gas development and production capacity are insufficiently motivated, and the exploration and development of helium resources are still backward. Waste in the process is more serious.Hao Xiaochen called for greater exploration of radon gas. Relevant departments at the provincial level can coordinate hot wells and oil and gas wells, and cooperate with geothermal wells, natural gas wells and other data collection, data collection and special projects related to radon. Investigate the installation of small separation and recovery devices at the wellheads of geothermal wells with high radon production, and promote the development model of associated helium resources.

Hao Xiaochen also proposed to speed up the research and preparation of China's radon demand analysis report, and promote Shaanxi and even the country to develop support policies for radon resource exploration, purification process technology innovation, industry application, and promote the commercialization process of radon resources exploration and development. Set up a technology platform to include key technologies for water-soluble gas exploration in the annual key industry innovation plan, research and develop low-cost extraction, enrichment and purification processes and equipment for associated helium, and cultivate core technologies for radon exploration and