How Long Can A Filled Helium Balloon Last?

- Oct 12, 2018-

How long does a filled helium balloon last? A 10-inch helium balloon (one inch refers to one inch, one inch is equivalent to a diameter of 2.54 cm, and a 10-inch helium balloon is about 25 cm in diameter). Generally speaking, a 10-inch helium balloon lasts for about 5 hours. Of course, the holding time is uncertain. If the helium balloon is kept in a lower temperature environment, the time is longer, such as an air-conditioned room. Generally it can be kept for 7 hours, which depends on the temperature.

Special attention should be paid to outdoor use: Please avoid sun exposure before the event begins. After the sun shines, the balloon will be dull, that is, the "oxidation" is affected by the temperature, and the life of the helium balloon is greatly reduced. If you can't avoid direct sunlight when using a helium balloon, pay special attention to the helium balloon in a sunny environment. Generally, it can only last for 4 hours. If it is summer, the light is strong, and it is difficult to maintain it for 4 hours. Therefore, we must pay attention to the budget time when doing activities. Therefore, the small partners should pay attention to how long the helium balloon can be kept and the temperature is closely related.

How many balloons does a large bottle of helium charge? This depends on the diameter of your balloon! We have 40L and 8L in the balloon.

(1) 40L bottled helium: 10 inch balloons can charge 600-650, 18-inch about 200-300;

(2) 8L bottled helium: 10 inch balloons can charge 60-100

Of course, there is also an important factor that the correct operation of the helium balloon will affect the number of the last helium balloon!

Balloon sizeInflated diameterHelium consumption (cubic meters)6 cubic gas cylinders chargeableAverage floating time
Rubber balloon
6 inch round (15 cm)15 cm0.002-Not floating
10 inch round (25 cm)25 cm0.011650 or so10-15 hours
10 inch pearl round (25 cm)25 cm0.011650 or so10-18 hours
11 inches round (28 cm)28 cm0.015400 or so15-20 hours
11 -inch pearl circle (28 cm)28 cm0.015400 or so16-18 hours
14 round (36 cm)36 cm0.028250 or so25-30 hours
16 inch round (41 cm)41 cm0.042150 or so30+ hours
18 round (46 cm)46 cm0.056110 or so36+ hours
3 feet round (90 cm)76 cm0.22626 or so3-5 days
3 feet round (90 cm)90 cm0.42514 or so3-5 days
5 inch heart type (13 cm)13 cm0.002-no floating
12 inch heart shape (30 cm)30 cm0.009660 or so12-18 hours
3 feet heart shape (90 cm)90 cm0.19830 or so3-5天
Aluminum foil balloon
18 round (46 cm)34 cm *34 cm0.014420 or so1-2 weeks
18 inch heart shape (46 cm)36 cm *33 cm0.014420 or so1-2 weeks
19 inch star (48 cm)44 cm *43 cm0.016375 or so1-2 weeks
32 inches (80 cm)80 cm0.11353 or soweeks