Hao Xiaochen, Member Of The Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference: Accelerating The Development Of The Suffocating Industry

- Feb 18, 2019-

Gas Circle News: At the second meeting of the 12th Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Hao Xiaochen, member of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Shaanxi Gas Group Co., Ltd., proposed that Shaanxi should increase its exploration efforts, accelerate the development of the gas industry, and expand its application.


Hao Xiaochen said that in recent years, China's demand for radon has increased by more than 10% annually. The driving force comes from optical fiber, electronics and medical nuclear magnetic imaging. However, China's foreign gas dependence is close to 100%, and its application is limited. The situation is very serious.

In July 2018, Shaanxi Gas Group obtained the geothermal water in the Huazhou-Huayin area of Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and the first helium gas exploration license in the country. In the geothermal wells of the Xinhejie area of the Weihe Basin, Shaanxi Province, it was found that the suffocating gas was associated with the gas. Well preserved, there are 31 wells in the gas samples of 63 wells in the area with a radon content greater than 1%, up to 9.23%, ranking among the best in the world.www.wxytgas.com