Hang Oxygen, Thousand Hammer

- Dec 29, 2018-

If you want to do it, you will do 6 sets of the same as foreign companies. Hangyang needs to compare with them. We must fight for this opportunity and become a place in China for the manufacture of extra large air separation equipment.

——Jiang Ming, Chairman of Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd.

"6 sets from the German giant Linde, have successfully oxygenated, 6 sets of Hang Oxygen from China, the first test drive today. All the experts present in the field of air separation in the field, everyone is looking at the screen, the above is The real-time data of more than 70 key equipment, the localization of the 100,000-level air separation unit is the dream of China's air separation equipment industry for more than 60 years..."

In March 2018, CCTV's "Daguo Heavy Apparatus" feature film reviewed the grand scene of the construction of Shenhua Ning coal 100,000-level air separation equipment developed by Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd., and devoted it to the ten-year-old Hangyang people. Again, I am filled with emotions.


Since the beginning of the 1950s, Hangyang has gone through the road of introducing foreign technology, independent development and innovation. Facing the unpredictable market environment, the company has been relentlessly consolidating its main business, dedicating to technological innovation and enhancing the core competitiveness of the market. Now it has played a triumphant battle for the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry on the world stage. www.wxytgas.com