From Raising Cows To Selling Cows To Leading Cows To Sell Milk , Extending The Industrial Chain To The Next Level

- Jan 01, 2019-

In 2009, Hangyang completed a historic relocation and the equipment manufacturing capability has taken a new step. At the new starting point of enterprise development, Hangyang proposed a development strategy of focusing on two ends, expanding horizontally and making fine products.

The strategy of heavy two endsmeans that the air separation equipment industry will extend to both ends, develop the complete set of business operations, and develop the gas business downwards, eventually forming a development pattern in which equipment manufacturing and gas industry promote each other and develop together. Up to now, Hangyang has invested in 27 gas companies nationwide, and the gas products produced have successfully produced rare gases in addition to conventional gases. At present, gas sales have exceeded 50% of the company's total revenue, and profits accounted for 70% of total profits. The employees of the company proudly said that in the past, they only "raised cows to sell cows. Today they not only sell cows, but also bring cows to sell milk."

In addition, Hangyang also set up an engineering company to focus on air separation and industrial gas engineering design, which not only ensures the construction quality and cycle, but also effectively controls the construction cost and ensures the safe and reliable operation of air separation equipment. "Becoming a world-class air separation equipment and gas operation expert is our unswerving goal." Jiang Ming said