First Speed Remodeling Seven Eight

- Jun 02, 2018-

In order to further expand the specialty gas industry and seize the favorable opportunity for the country to stimulate domestic demand and develop strategic emerging industries, the 218 Institute will continue to accelerate the industrialization of specialty gases. In the first phase of the Industrial Park in Phase I of the 8th Feixiang Township, a row of newly built factories stood upright, as if they were going to sea. The tall and spacious new factory buildings were spotless and well-ordered, and the gas-liquid pipes extending in all directions were in the light. Shining bright metallic luster, adjusting the side of the workers, neat and tidy process equipment is roaring......



39 single buildings, nearly 100,000 square meters of building area, more than 5000 sets of equipment, valves and meters, 46,000 meters of electrical cables, 470 thousand meters of instrument cables, 8400 I/O interfaces, 50,000 meters of process pipelines, 13.6 Wanxi Welds - This is a set of data obtained after the completion of Phase 1 of the Feixiang New Materials Base in 2017. Who would have thought that this park, which covers an area of 300 acres, was officially started construction in April 2017? In less than a year, the director of the 818 and deputy party secretary Li Junhua led the cadres and staff of the cadres to take courage, to remove all difficulties, to unite and cooperate, and to overcome the unfavorable factors such as tight schedule, complicated projects, and high technological difficulties. The feat of “design of the year, construction of the year, and production conditions of the year” completed an “impossible task”, highlighting the courage of the cadres and staff of 781 to take charge, eliminate all difficulties, and unite and cooperate. Seven hundred and eighty people dared to break through the conventional and courageous innovation and surpass the "first speed" on the road ahead. At the same time, it actively expanded the development of the bulk gas field on the spot. In 2018, the “02 Special Project” sub-item declared by the State Department on July 18 was expected to be officially launched. With the support of Dehuai Semiconductor, the 12-inch semiconductor plant supporting gas supply station under construction on July 18 has been initially built and gas supply has been achieved. In the fast-changing market, July 18th has firmly grasped the opportunities for fleeting development. It is expected that by 2020, the capacity of 818 high-purity nitrogen trifluoride gas will be expanded to 12,000 tons/year and high-purity hexafluoride. The tungsten gas production capacity will be expanded to 2,000 tons/year, and other specialty gas production capacity will reach 3,000 tons/year. By 2020, it will strive to achieve high purity nitrogen trifluoride gas, high purity tungsten hexafluoride gas, trifluoromethanesulfonic acid and The production capacity of high-purity hexafluorobutadiene gas is the world's largest and it strives to build 718 into a world-renowned integrated service provider of electronic special gas materials.