Factory Site Gas Distribution

- Aug 01, 2018-

On-site nitrogen generator: Nitrogen is the most expensive gas in the plant and needs to be supplied before the first batch of tools is available. Large display plants, like large semiconductor plants, require large amounts of nitrogen, which is economical only on-site.

Cryogenic liquid trailers: Off-site production of oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide, as cryogenic liquids, they are transported short distances through special vacuum insulated tanks.

Compressed gas trailers: Other large-capacity compressed gases such as hydrogen and helium are supplied over long distances through trailers or ISO tanks.

Individual packaging: Specialty gases are supplied in separate packages. For larger materials such as silane and nitrogen trifluoride, it can be supplied in large ISO packaging with a capacity of up to 10 tons. The smaller volume is made of standard gas cylinders.

Mixed gas: The laser gas and dopant are supplied in the form of several different gas mixtures. The accuracy of the hybrid product is critical to maintaining display panel manufacturing within acceptable parameters.

In-plant distribution: Gas supply is required even after material delivery or production is completed. Materials are further filtered, purified and analyzed online prior to delivery to each production process.


As consumers favor brighter colors, higher resolution, and lower power consumption, display manufacturers will face challenges and must adopt new technologies to develop new displays, such as flexible and Transparent display. The transistors of these new displays will use LTPS and/or MO, so the amount of gas currently used in these processes will continue to increase. Taking into account the current production of a-Si display, the gas consumption per unit area of LTPS production will increase by 25%, and the production MO will increase by about 50%.

To meet these growing demands, gas suppliers need to work closely with display manufacturers to determine which technologies can meet their technology needs and provide customers with a stable and cost-effective gas solution.http://www.wxytgas.com/