Eye-catching Slogans, Goals In Mind

- Jun 05, 2018-

Strive to be a world-class integrated service provider

After years of accumulation and rapid growth in the past two years, the 718 has become China's largest R&D and production base for nitrogen trifluoride, tungsten hexafluoride, and trifluoromethanesulfonic acid. The specialty gas industry grows at an average annual rate of 30%. The rapid growth of %, the expansion of products from a single gas to a series of electronic gases, product applications from a single field to a variety of fields, took the lead in promoting the implementation of national science and technology 02 major projects, the domestic market coverage of nitrogen trifluoride reached more than 95%, six The domestic market coverage of tungsten fluoride reaches 100%.



While expanding the scale of the industry, the 718th always adheres to the quality concept of “best-doing and casting quality”, insisting on the spirit of innovation, persisting in the quality of the ingenuity, adhering to the inheritance of the military industry, adhering to safety, quality, environmental protection first, and customer demand-oriented. Efforts are made to provide customers with products and services that are assured of quality, attentive and professional, and have established a strict safety, quality and environmental protection system, reflecting the good image and social responsibility of an intrinsically safe and intrinsically environmentally friendly company.



The heroic character of the side of the sea is flowing across the sea. The next seven eighty-eight will always adhere to the guidelines of the national strategy, take the customer needs as the traction, lead the industry as their responsibility, give full play to their own professional characteristics, take chemistry as the foundation, gas as the core, and materials as the extension. We will deepen the implementation of key work such as scientific and technological innovation, lean management, talent construction, brand building, and capacity building.