Composition And Function Of Nitrogen Making Equipment In Oil Field (2)

- Jan 11, 2018-

(1)The system composition of nitrogen gas generation

Firstly is the freezing dryer. According to the principle of refrigeration and dehumidification, compressed air is heat exchanged in refrigerators and refrigerants, and the moisture in the air starts cooling and condenses, thus the water vapor and oil mist contained in it are condensed into droplets and discharged by automatic drains.

Secondly is the air preconditioning part. It includes oil-water separator, condensing filter and activated carbon 4 stage filtration to remove residual moisture and oil and dust and impurities in the air, so that the air entering the membrane group can be purified to 0.01μm. In addition, an air electric heater with automatic constant temperature control is provided in the intake pipe, and the temperature is heated in time when the air temperature is low.

Thirdly is the membrane separation and nitrogen making device. The membrane separators with different yields and purity are the key components of the membrane separation for the separation of nitrogen from the membrane groups. It uses some metal film or biofilm to selectively permeate and diffuse some gas components, so as to achieve the purpose of gas separation and purification.

(2)The principle of nitrogen separation by membrane separation

The separation of nitrogen membrane by hollow membrane separation is a cylindrical hollow fiber membrane bundle. The penetration rate of each gas is different. The penetration rate of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor is fast. Nitrogen is enriched inside the high pressure side and discharged from the other end of the membrane module, so as to achieve nitrogen separation. The equipment is made of ultra-fine hollow fiber, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high reliability, long life, reliable technology, simple increasing in capacity, small size, full specification, low dew point and so on.