Composition And Function Of Nitrogen Making Equipment In Oil Field (1)

- Jan 09, 2018-

(1)Air compressor

The air compressor is the power source of the hollow fiber membrane nitrogen system, providing a certain pressure of air. The air compressor can be controlled within 0 to 100% capacity with automatic intake valve and unloading starting device. The indicator mounted on the dashboard can quickly and reliably point out the fault position in the fault switch or the operating system. When the engine oil pressure is low, the compressor temperature is high, the engine coolant level is low, the engine temperature is high and the fuel oil level is low, it can detect and stop automatically, achieving the integration of gas, electricity, oil and coolant control, and has a complete automatic safety protection system.

(2) The control of the membrane separation system

The system adopts full automatic control mode, which is composed of sampling inspection, purity control, temperature control and system protection. The system also has a switch branch for automatic emission of gas when the gas reaches the standard. The system sets the desired product gas purity, that is, sets the discharge switch point, when the oxygen content is lower than the set point of discharge, gas passing through the gas branch input point of use; otherwise the discharge branch is automatically opened, will exceed the standard gas automatic emptying.

The temperature control in this system is designed to protect the film group and improve the nitrogen production. The regulation of the system's  purity and temperature are completed automatically. The protection part is mainly to protect the heater, because if the temperature is too high will damage the film group. This part is composed of the overheating protection switch and the inlet pressure switch. In addition, the nitrogen flow counter is installed on the standard gas producing branch, and the operator can understand the production and use amount of the nitrogen at any time.