China's Electronic Gas Development Status (2)

- Aug 08, 2018-

3. China's electronic gas development status

(1) China's electronic gas is the second largest market demand semiconductor material after silicon and silicon-based materials. The domestic market demand for electronic gas in 2016 was 4.802 billion, accounting for 14%. According to the statistics of the Global Semiconductor Association, there are currently more than 60 types of pure gas used in electronic gas, and more than 80 kinds of mixed gas. After nearly 10 years of development of China's electronic gas, some electronic gas production enterprises with stable production quality and being accepted by semiconductor customers have emerged in China, but compared with the huge and fast-developing domestic demand, it is not enough. According to the complete statistics, from 2012 to 2016, the actual production sales of domestic electronic gas companies accounted for 25.0% of the domestic wafer manufacturing electronic gas market, and is expected to increase to 28.4% in 2017. Although there has been great development and progress, the total production of domestic electronic gas companies can not meet the domestic market demand.

(2) Foreign electronic gas companies are mostly large multinational companies with strong strength and technological accumulation. The business covers a wide range, and can provide many gas services for enterprises at the same time, and has strong competitiveness. Compared with large foreign companies, domestic electronic gas production enterprises have a large gap and have huge room for development.


In addition, the current domestic development of electronic gas issues is as follows: A. The overall scale of the industry is small, the localization rate is low, the scale of enterprises is small, and there is a lack of leading enterprises, which are easily excluded and suppressed by foreign large enterprises; B. The new material technology in high-end manufacturing is insufficient, and the types of gases with low technical thresholds are repeatedly constructed and expanded, and disorderly competition is serious; C. Some electronic gas companies have been transformed from large chemical industries or industrial gases. Their quality awareness, management philosophy and safety management level are not in place, resulting in poor quality stability of individual products.


In summary, China's electronic gas is still a short-board for the development of electronic materials, and needs to be developed. Therefore, it is recommended that the state should implement and improve the financial and taxation, capital and other preferential policies for such enterprises, and increase financial funds and large funds. And the support of the financial sector, to guide integrated circuit manufacturers to use domestic electronic gas, so as to help enterprises grasp the development opportunities, accelerate the technological progress of enterprises and become bigger and stronger; enterprises should strive to improve the level of technological innovation and management, strengthen quality control, use hard products Serve customers.


In short, China's electronic gas industry is still in the initial stage of development, the overall industry scale is small, and the strength of individual enterprises is insufficient. At this time, China's semiconductor industry from the previous 100 billion support plan to China's manufacturing 2025, coincides with the emerging growth point. As the rise of the gestation period, China's electronic gas industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. It is hoped that all electronic gas companies will accelerate their forward-looking layout, strengthen technological innovation, accelerate application and promotion, and actively develop and grow. It is also hoped that all competent authorities, investment units and semiconductor companies can attach great importance to improving China's integrated circuit materials and parts industry chain and semiconductors. Development makes new and greater contributions.