Chairman Of Baosteel Metal: Speed ​​up The Reform Of Gas Equity In Baosteel

- Feb 24, 2018-

Gas circle News, since January 26, Shanghai Baosteel Gas Co., Ltd. for the first time in Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange pre-51% stake in the public transfer, the gas industry came a lot of different voices, some people think it has been identified for sale in the United States a gas Some people think that a US-based gas company has withdrawn from the project. Some people think that the transfer of Baosteel's gas ownership has been canceled and the plan has been raised from a third-tier subsidiary to a second-tier subsidiary.

Gas circle learned that Baosteel gas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baosteel Metal, Baosteel Metal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Baowu Group. On January 29, China Baowu Group held the 2018 annual work conference and workers' representative assembly to analyze the current situation and the tasks it faces and to deploy key tasks for 2018. Mr. Jia Yanlin, Secretary of Baosteel Metal's Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, said: In 2018, Baosteel Metal will closely focus on the operating principle of "focusing on the integration and development, optimizing the operation system, improving the operation quality and innovating the system of mechanism", and finally points out the need to rapidly push forward the Baosteel gas Equity diversification change, matching more conducive to its rapid development of the institutional mechanism.

Gas Circle believes that equity diversification is to find a more suitable mechanism according to the characteristics of each industry, but also to optimize the allocation of state-owned capital investment and enhance the influence of state-owned capital. In the light of the advantages of external capitalists, the "cake" .