Breaking The Monopoly Into The Whole World, Because Of The Unyielding Persistence

- Dec 31, 2018-

Quality is the life of manufacturing, and this is the firm belief of Hangyang. The 100,000-class air separation equipment is required to be manufactured on-site in Ningxia due to its large size, but the harsh environment will only worsen. In order to adapt to the low temperature of less than one hundred degrees in the air separation equipment, the material is mostly aluminum alloy, but the requirements of the aluminum alloy for the welding environment are extremely demanding, and the huge temperature difference between day and night and the sudden strong wind on the project site will cause adverse effects.

"We can only work overtime when the weather is good, but also to create quality products, so that on-site manufacturing can also meet the same standards as factory manufacturing." Deputy General Manager Zhao Dawei said.

On March 15, 2017, Hangyang's first set of 100,000-level air separation successfully produced oxygen. Real-time data shows that the purity of oxygen reaches 99.87%, which exceeds the industry standard of 99.6%, the purity of nitrogen reaches 99.999%, and the system runs stably.

Over the years, Hangyang has implemented strict pre-, post-, and post-event management, continuously promoted the construction of quality system, effectively guaranteed product quality, and obtained the Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award and Zhejiang Manufacturingcertification. The advent of six sets of 100,000-level air separation equipment broke the situation of foreign monopoly and wrote a great deal for the localization of major equipment in China.

In the past five years, Hangyang completed industrial investment of 2.75 billion yuan, invested 320 million yuan in technological transformation, and completed about 200 projects. In the past five years, R&D investment totaled 772 million yuan, and R&D investment accounted for 4% of sales. - Between 5%; as of the end of last year, there were 223 authorized patents, including 66 invention patents, participated in the formulation of 32 national standards, and seized the commanding heights of competition... These figures are all behind the technology of Hangyang Co., Ltd. Innovation is highly valued and countless times of innovative practice and exploration.

In 2010, Hangyang Co., Ltd. was successfully listed. The company invested all the funds raised in equipment renewal, technological transformation and gas project development. It has no hesitation and dedication to adhere to the main battlefield of