Baosteel Gas And Weihua Group Signed 60,000 Air Separation Operation Agreement

- Mar 12, 2018-

Shanghai Baosteel Gas Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the supply of industrial gas with Shaanxi Weinhua Binzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. to supply oxygen, nitrogen and instrument air for its annual output of 300,000 tons of coal-to-ethylene glycol project. Baosteel Gas will set up an independent legal person project company. The project company invests in the construction and operation of a set of 60,000 cubic meters / hour air separation plant, obtaining steam and electricity supply from Weizhou Binzhou Chemical Industry. According to the industrial gas supply contract, Chemical supply of gas products. The air separation plant is expected to put into operation in 2019.

Shaanxi Coal Group is a leading enterprise in the development and construction of coal bases in Shaanxi Province and energy and chemical industry. Its subsidiary, Weishua Group, is a pioneer in the development of modern coal chemical industry in China and the application of a new generation of coal gasification technology. Weinhua Binzhou Chemical Construction with an annual output of 300,000 tons of coal-based ethylene glycol project in Shaanxi Province focused on the construction of two coal-based ethylene glycol project, the project uses the most advanced technology and equipment, the production of B Diol products to meet the high standards of the industry.

Baosteel Gas has always been committed to becoming China's most valuable supplier of industrial gases. This cooperation with Shaanxi Coal Group is the first time that Baosteel Gas has supplied industrial gas products to the advanced large-scale coal-to-ethylene glycol project. The air separation plant will be constructed with Shaanxi Baosteel gas and Shaanxi clean energy put into operation have formed a regional advantage.