An Overview Of Some Knowledge Of Carbon Dioxide

- Nov 28, 2017-

Carbon dioxide is a common gas and is one of the components of the atmosphere. According to the determination,on the average,carbon dioxide accounts for about 387ppm of the atmosphere volume. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, combustion-nonsupporting and incombustible gas under normal temperature and pressure. At the same time, it is also a greenhouse gas, which can strongly absorb infrared.


In a certain range, the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide, the stronger the photosynthesis of plants will be, so carbon dioxide is the best gas fertilizer. The development of gas fertilizer is very promising, but it is difficult for scientists to determine how much carbon dioxide is absorbed by each crop will have the best effect. Apart from carbon dioxide, is there any other gas that can be used as the gas fertilizer?

2.Poly carbon dioxide

This is a new type of synthetic material, which is being studied. The carbon dioxide resin was synthesized by the reaction of carbon dioxide , which was activated to a higher degree under the action of the bimetallic coordination PBM catalyst. The aliphatic polycarbonate was produced by the reaction of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide resin of various chemical structures can be obtained by adding other reactants in the polymerization. Carbon dioxide copolymer has a flexible molecular chain and is easy to adjust its chemical structure by changing its chemical structure. It is easier to decompose under the action of heat, catalyst, or microorganism, but can also be controlled by some measures.

There is a low permeability to oxygen and other gases. Products that can be developed for the following purposes:

1. The polyurethane material prepared by the aliphatic polycarbonate and polyisocyanate has better hydrolysis resistance than ordinary polyester polyurethane.


2. The ternary copolymerization of maleic anhydride as the third monomer was carried out. The product is a kind of unsaturated resin containing carbonate and ester groups. It can be cross-linked curing and can also be with the fiber such as solid composite. It is a new material which is similar to the common unsaturated polyester.


3. Aliphatic polycarbonate can be blended with various polymers to obtain various properties. It can be used as the flexibilizer or processing agent of the ethoxy resin,PVC plastic and so on.


4. The copolymer of carbon dioxide, epoxy ethane and so on, the terpolymer of carbon dioxide, propylene oxide and succinic anhydride can be completely decomposed by microorganisms, leaving no residue, which is a kind of promising biodegradable material.