Air Products Plans To Invest More Than 200 Million U.S. Dollars In Xi'an Samsung To Increase Investment In Shaanxi

- Feb 06, 2018-

Recently, Xue Hua, CCPIT president of Shaanxi Province, met with Feng Yan, vice president of China Air Products Company and his entourage. Both sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation.

Xue Hua said Air Products Company operated well in a number of investment projects in Shaanxi and the two sides have entered a closer and pragmatic stage of cooperation. He hoped to further strengthen project cooperation and promote common development of both parties. CCPIT Shaanxi will, as always, provide support and good service for the development of the enterprise. Xue Hua also thanked Air Products Company of USA for its concern and support to Shaanxi's economic and social development as an international senior economic adviser unit of Shaanxi Provincial Government.

Feng Yan said that Shaanxi Province provided a high-quality environment and service for enterprise development. Recently, the Company signed a USD 3.5 billion investment cooperation agreement with Yankuang Group for the follow-up project of the first phase of Yulin Coal Indirect Liquefaction Project of Shaanxi Future Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd., and invested more than 200 million U.S. dollars for the supporting service plan for the second phase of Samsung Electronics Memory Chip Co., Ltd. It will further increase investment in Shaanxi and deepen cooperation with the project.