Adjustment Of Natural Gas Sales Price

- Mar 15, 2019-

Harbin City held a hearing on the sales price of natural gas for the residents of Xishun City, and proposed an adjustment plan: the sales price of the residents was adjusted by 3 steps (per cubic meter), and the first file was adjusted from 2.8 yuan to 2.94 yuan. The second gear was adjusted from 3.36 yuan to 3.53 yuan, and the third gear was adjusted from 4.2 yuan to 4.41 yuan. The residential price of independent heating gas and non-residential users who implemented residents' living gas prices were adjusted from 3.08 yuan to 3.24 yuan.

Recently, the market has plunged into shocks, market risk appetite has declined, and the gas sector has stabilized first. It has continued to rise in the last five trading days. According to institutional analysis, environmental factors and low domestic natural gas penetration rate, superimposed natural gas price management system reform, I believe that the gas industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next few years, which gives the gas sector the ability to withstand