Wide range of inert gases: helium

- Jul 23, 2019-

As a wide range of inert gases in the world's technology industry, helium is not directly separated from the air, but is derived from natural gas. In fact, the air in our earth can only contain trace amounts of helium, but it is too small and small can be ignored. The amount of helium in dry air at room temperature is almost only 5 parts per million, but it is 7.5% in natural gas. Almost all such important resources are controlled by the United States. The United States now produces 80% of the world's total suffocating gas. Of course, most of the suffocating gas used in China is imported from the United States.

Compared with China's sale of rare earth resources to the United States, Americans are more business-minded. One ton of suffocating gas is 100,000 to 150,000 US dollars, which is more than 10 times the price of China's exports of rare earth resources to the United States!

2019 Global Helium Industry Forum

To say that the most serious consequences of lack of helium, that is, severely hinder the application of cryogenic technology, the most affected is the low temperature superconducting technology. It is now known that all superconducting materials exhibit superconducting properties at temperatures below -130 ° C. The most widely used ones (such as Nb3Sn) require a lower conversion than the boiling point of liquid hydrogen. Temperature, at this time only liquid helium can easily achieve such an extremely low temperature. Although we can use other methods to achieve the same low temperature, it is not as good as liquid helium. Therefore, helium gas recovery and reuse technology plays an important role in saving costs for research institutes and enterprises. The 2019 Global Helium Industry Forum from Russia, Tanzania, Japan, the United States, Australia, China's Weihe Basin geothermal gas project and the unit that holds the helium recovery technology jointly attended the special report to build a platform for efficient communication and promote the connection between supply and demand.www.wxjymachine.com