Why is the creamy egg used in combination with cream and why is it filled with gas?

- Oct 17, 2018-

Creamy egg, which can be seen in daily life, especially in the process of making cakes. In addition, creamy eggs are also used in the production of coffee, especially fancy coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct understanding and understanding of the product in order to achieve rational use to achieve the purpose of use.


1. Is there a requirement for creamy eggs and cream in the molding of cream?

For cream molding, it will use two kinds of cream eggs and cream, and there are some basic requirements for cream eggs and cream. It is: the gas in the cream egg must be nitrous oxide. Gas, and if it is a pure gas, there must be no impurities. For cream, it is recommended to use whipped cream, and the cream should be free of any impurities.


2. Why is the cream egg used in combination with cream?

Creamy egg, which is essentially a small steel tank containing a nitrous oxide gas. It is used in combination with butter because nitrous oxide is an inert gas and has a sweet aroma of cream. Therefore, it can be molded into a cream and used in the making of cakes. To enhance the aesthetic appearance of the cake. In addition, this gas does not react with the cream.


3. Is the mixing of the cream and the gas in the cream egg?

Cream, in the process of mixing with the gas in the cream egg, is to be full and comprehensive, so that the cream can be used to shape the cake. Moreover, it is necessary to control the mixing ratio of cream and gas. Generally speaking, the mixing ratio of the two is 1:1, that is, half of the cream and half of the gas. After the gas and the cream are fully blended, the cream can be whipped in the container. forming.


4. Why is the cream egg filled with gas instead of liquid?

This is determined by the requirements of the cream egg use and the nature of the cream. If the liquid in the cream egg is liquid, then foaming and cream molding cannot be carried out, and various problems may occur during use, but if it is gas, There is no such problem, and the cream can be expected to be in a desired state, so that the citric acid gas is filled in the cream egg.https://www.wxytgas.com/