Which cream cakes will be used in the production of cakes and foaming

- Aug 16, 2018-

But the creamy egg, although only four words, but it contains a lot of knowledge, and only through continuous learning and mastery, can know what it is and how to use it properly and rationally, to avoid misuse or in use Problems occur, which in turn affects the normal production process of the cake.


1. What are the key points in the use of cream eggs?

The focus of the use of cream eggs, it can also be said to be the use of cream eggs, from a professional point of view, there are two, one is that the cream eggs should be opened after use on the spot, it is strictly prohibited to place overnight, and the second is with cream The proportion of use should be well mastered in order to get the amount of cream that you expect to use, not too much or too little.


2. Do you use a sponge cake or a hurricane cake, will you use creamy eggs?

For sponge cakes or hurricane cakes, creamy eggs are used. They are mainly blended with cream, which can be molded into cream. Therefore, it is mainly used for cream foaming. In addition, in addition to creamy eggs, there is also a protein cream, which is made with egg white and sugar, and then fully stirred with a whisk to form a cream-like thing, but this is not a real cream.


3. Can the creamy egg used for foaming foam be a liquid?

The creamy egg used for foaming of the cream can only be a gas and cannot be a liquid, because if it is a nitrous oxide liquid, the effect and effect of the cream foaming cannot be achieved, and this should be correctly recognized. In actual operation, errors can be avoided and various problems can be caused.


4. Is the quality and effect of the cream foam related to the gas in the cream egg?

The foaming quality and foaming effect of the cream are, in a strict sense, related to the nitrous oxide gas in the cream egg, mainly in the purity of the gas, generally requiring the use of pure nitrous oxide gas. Mix any other gas. In addition, in terms of the foaming quality and the foaming effect, it is also related to the quality and type of the cream, whether the quality of the cream is acceptable, and whether animal cream or vegetable cream is used.http://www.wxytgas.com/