Whether there is a logo on the appearance of the Cream Chargers product and the purchase price through the manufacturer

- Nov 03, 2018-

The familiarity and understanding of buttery eggs will continue below. Because you want to use the product correctly and reasonably, you must have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding so that you can achieve the goal. At the same time, you can avoid misuse of the product and avoid mistakes. The adverse effects of using.


1. Can the product of the creamy egg be purchased by the manufacturer?

The product of the creamy egg can be purchased by the manufacturer. However, when purchasing the product and choosing this route, it is necessary to consider the origin, price, quality, etc. And to refer to the local market conditions, in order to have an accurate judgment, and through the manufacturer to select the right product to avoid product waste.


2. Is there any mark on the appearance of the creamy egg product?

The appearance of the creamy egg product has some logos. Generally, a delicious coffee cream mass is printed on the appearance of the product, and the outer box of the cream also has "yttrium oxide" (nitrous oxide) and "food." Additives (not directly edible) and so on, so that the purchaser has an intuitive understanding and understanding, at the same time, can also remind this role, in case the purchaser misuse.


3. What are the common specifications of creamy eggs?

The product specifications of the creamy egg, this is an important aspect of the Cream Chargers, especially in the purchase of the product, can not be underestimated and omitted. Moreover, it has some common specifications and sizes. From the current point of view, 8g Cream Chargers is a common specification, and it is also used more.


4. Why is the gas in the creamy egg required to react with the cream to form carbonic acid?

This is because there is water in the cream. If the gas reacts with water to form carbonic acid, although it is a weak acid, it will affect the quality of the cream. When the cream is sour, it will form a snowflake cream, which is not good for cream. Foaming and molding, especially if it is animal cream. Therefore, it is required that the gas in the Cream Chargers does not react with the water in the cream to avoid the above problem.http://www.wxytgas.com/