Whether the use of cream eggs should be strictly controlled and steel tank requirements

- Oct 18, 2018-

Creamy eggs, which are used in some fields, and their correct use will be related to the use of the product, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand to achieve the correct and rational use. Moreover, the use of cream eggs can be used to get good results.


1. Send good protein, can it be used with cream eggs?

It is not a creamy substance, it is not a cream. It is not the same as cream. Therefore, it can't be used with creamy eggs, nor can it be foamed or creamed with creamy eggs. However, this substance can be used in the cake making process to decorate the cake. Moreover, there should be a clear understanding of this, so as not to use its mistakes as a cream.


2. Is it necessary to strictly control the use of cream eggs?

Creamy eggs, which are strictly controlled in use, must be used correctly and reasonably, rather than abused, otherwise they will be dangerous. The use of buttery eggs is for the foaming and creaming of creams, as well as for the production of coffee, such as the production of fancy coffee, to enhance the taste and aesthetic appearance of the coffee. In addition to these uses, cream eggs can not be used for other purposes.


3. Buy cream eggs, is it a regular manufacturer?

If you buy a creamy egg, you must find a regular manufacturer, and if you do this, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. Because it is a pure nitrous oxide gas in the cream egg, it cannot contain any impurities and other gases, and it cannot react with the cream. And the regular manufacturer, you can rest assured in the quality of the product, and can be used with confidence in the use of the product.


4. Is there a requirement for the carbon content of the steel can in the cream egg?

The steel cans in the cream eggs are generally small steel cans, which are made of steel or iron. In the case of steel, it is an iron-carbon alloy having a carbon content in the range of 0.04% to 2.3%. Moreover, in order to ensure the steel tank has sufficient toughness, as well as higher strength and rigidity, it will control its carbon content. Usually, its carbon content is controlled within 1.7%. If it exceeds this value, it may Have an adverse effect.http://www.wxytgas.com/