Whether the use of Cream Chargers should be valued and compared with ordinary Cream Chargers

- Oct 19, 2018-

ButterCream Chargers, although their names are short, contain a lot of professional knowledge, so you need to learn and master to know how to use the product correctly and correctly, and at the same time, you can get good results in the use of the product. Therefore, to avoid problems such as product waste.


1. Are the same kind of gas in the foaming and creaming molding and the Cream Chargers?

In the foaming and creaming molding, as well as in the creamy egg, nitrous oxide is used, and it cannot be other gases or liquids, such as carbon dioxide. In addition, in the use of this kind of gas, it is necessary to be correct and standardized, so that the cream has good foaming quality and the cream has a good molding effect, and the Cream Chargers can also be fully used.


2. Do you want to pay attention to the use of Cream Chargers?

The use of Cream Chargers, from a professional point of view, needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously, because if you are scornful and sloppy, there may be various problems in the use of cream eggs, which in turn affects the Cream Chargers. Normal use and its effects. In addition, it is also necessary to know that it is strictly controlled for the use of Cream Chargers, and it is strictly forbidden to use and use indiscriminately.


3. Is there a difference between ordinary gas bombs and cream gas bombs? Is the steel tank used for the Cream Chargers required for the material?

Ordinary gas bombs and Cream Chargers, although they belong to the same type of gas bombs, the two are obviously different, because the gas in the ordinary gas bomb is a gas of nitrous oxide, and the gas in the Cream Chargers is oxidized two. Nitrogen is a gas. Moreover, the gas bomb material is iron. However, in use, it is required that no reaction occurs between the gas and the use.


The steel can used for the Cream Chargers is made of ordinary steel, and there is no special requirement. If required, the main reason is that the gas will not react with the cream, and the gas is stable in material and chemical properties at normal temperature, and it is not easy to rust and corrode. In this way, the gas can be stored well and the cream can be guaranteed. Normal use, and in turn, when the gas in the Cream Chargers is used together with the cream, the desired finished product is obtained.http://www.wxytgas.com/