Whether the cream eggs are used and their gas use comparison

- Aug 29, 2018-

But the creamy egg, although its name is not long, but if you want to have a deep understanding and correct use, you need to know all the relevant knowledge, in order to achieve the purpose, and also ensure the safety of the product. Therefore, the following is the study of the creamy egg, the learning content is as follows.


1. Do creamy eggs have to be used during cake making?

From a professional point of view, in the process of making cakes, creamy eggs will be used, mainly for foaming foam. Therefore, the foam after foaming can be used on cakes to make shapes or decorate. To make the cake have a good appearance and enhance its aesthetics. Moreover, creamy eggs should be used correctly to ensure good foaming quality and foaming effect.


2. Can the gas in the cream egg have other uses?

Creamy egg, which is a nitrous oxide gas packaged in a small steel tank, and this is an inert gas, which can also be called "laughing gas." This kind of gas can be used in cake making and has a creamy aroma. In addition to this main purpose, it can also be used in the medical field as an anesthetic because it has an analgesic effect. In addition, it can also be used as a combustion improver for racing cars.


3. Why are the gases used in the production of butter foam and soda water different?

This is because the foaming of the cream requires that the gas used does not react with all the substances in the cream, and the gas used in the soda production process is required to be dissolved in water to obtain the soda water. Therefore, based on the specific requirements of their production, the choice of different gases, the former is the use of nitrous oxide gas, or the use of cream eggs, and the latter, the use of carbon dioxide gas.


4. Will the egg whites be used in the process of whipping cream?

In the process of egg white whipping cream, creamy eggs are not used, because it will be used in egg white and white sugar, and the eggbeater will be used to put the eggs. The clear and white sugar are evenly stirred and creamed, so this conclusion will be reached. Moreover, it is generally necessary to add white sugar three times in order to carry out the process of whipping the egg white well.http://www.wxytgas.com/