Whether the cream egg open requires a bottle opener and gas use requirements

- Oct 16, 2018-

For creamy eggs, everyone should be familiar with it, because it is used in cake making and coffee making, and it is often used in cake shops, so you can often see it. Since there are many applications, let's take a closer look, so that you can know what is a creamy egg and how to use it properly.


1. Can I use plain cream to make cream through creamy eggs?

This problem, from a professional point of view, is impossible and impossible to achieve, because ordinary milk can not be sent into cream, ordinary milk texture is thin, but it is enough to cover the air fat and protein, etc. Bubble, and in this process, will not use cream eggs. The milk foam it gets can be added to the coffee.


2. Can egg whites be sent into cream? Can you get a decorative cream on a cake with a creamy egg?

Egg white, which can't be made into cream, because the cream is made from whipped cream and sugar. The whipping cream generally refers to animal butter which can be used for scenting flowers. The fat content is 30% to 36%. After being used as a solid, it can be used as a decorative cream on the cake. Therefore, it will not use creamy eggs. When using creamy eggs, it is mainly used to make cream molding, using cream to make shapes and improve the overall appearance of the cake.


3. Can you bring your creamy eggs with you? Does it need to use a bottle opener when it opens?

Creamy egg, which is filled with nitrous oxide gas in a steel tank, which is an inert gas, stable in physical and chemical properties at normal temperature, so it does not react with any substance. In theory, it can be carried around, but in practice, it is necessary to pay attention to its safety. The opening of the creamy egg is easy and does not require the use of a bottle opener.


4. Does the gas in the cream egg contain any requirements for use?

The gas in the cream egg has the corresponding requirements for use. The specificity is: when the cream egg is opened, the gas should be used once and cannot be used overnight. The gas is mainly used in the foaming and whipping of the cream. It is strictly prohibited to use other uses, that is, it cannot be used beyond the scope.http://www.wxytgas.com/