Whether the Cream Chargers storage needs to be refrigerated and its gas type requirements

- Dec 05, 2018-

For creamy eggs, we will continue to familiarize and understand the product below, because it contains a lot of knowledge content, and from now on, it needs to be fully understood and mastered, so that the Cream Chargerss can be used correctly and reasonably. Achieve full use of the product rather than misuse.


1. Why is the gas in the Cream Chargers, which is an inert gas instead of other gases?

The gas in the Cream Chargers is a gas of nitrous oxide, and it is an inert gas. It does not react with any substance at normal temperature. It can be said that its performance is very stable, and if it is other Others may not be well preserved and stored, and, in turn, be used very well. In addition, it is required that this gas is not an acid gas because the cream reacts with the acid gas at normal temperature, which affects the quality of the cream.


2. Once the Cream Chargers is taken apart, should it be used immediately?

From a professional point of view, the use of butter eggs is required in this way, because it is possible to prevent the gas from running out due to gas leakage and the like. In addition, in the use requirements of butter eggs, it is also required that the product can not be placed overnight, which can ensure the normal use of the Cream Chargerss and achieve the purpose of use.


3. Can the gas in the Cream Chargers be used only in cake and coffee making?

The gas in the Cream Chargers, which is a gas of nitrous oxide, used in the production of cakes and coffee, mainly in the production of cream foaming and creaming, and in the production of fancy coffee. However, in addition to these two uses, it can also be used in the medical industry and as a combustion improver for racing cars and the like.


4. Can the creamy egg be stored in the storage?

If the creamy egg is not used immediately and needs to be stored for some time, then it does not need to be refrigerated, because it is not necessary, just put it in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Moreover, the gas in the Cream Chargers is an inert gas, the performance is stable, the steel tank also has a good sealing performance, and can avoid problems such as air leakage, so as not to affect the normal use of the Cream Chargers.www.wxytgas.com