Whether the Cream Chargers and cake making must be used

- Oct 15, 2018-

Cream Chargers, which is used in the production of cakes and fancy coffee, and is used more in cake making, so you need to know what it is and how to use it properly and smoothly to make the cake and fancy smoothly. Make coffee and get the finished product you want.


1. The specific type of Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers, which is a general name, can be reclassified, so there are Cream Chargers, itis Cream Chargers, n2o Cream Chargers, etc., and different types have different specific uses, so It should be treated differently to avoid various problems caused by wrong choices or misuse.


2. Is Cream Chargers important in the production of cakes and fancy coffee?

In the production of cakes and fancy coffee, it can be said that Cream Chargers are very important, and can not be used, because if you do not use Cream Chargers, cakes and fancy coffee can not get good finished product quality and finished product effect, and then It affects the appearance quality and appearance of cakes and fancy coffee. In addition, in the use of Cream Chargers, it must be correct and standardized, and can not be used incorrectly.


3. Is the gas in the Cream Chargers important for the cream?

To inflate the cream, first put the cream, then use the gas in the Cream Chargers to carry out the cream inflating operation. The ratio of the two is 1:1, and the inertia of nitrous oxide is used. Gas, no other gases can be used. When the cream is inflated, the cream and the gas are thoroughly mixed, and the cream can be molded and the cream can be molded.


4. Cream foaming and creaming molding, is it the same for the gas in the Cream Chargers?

From a professional point of view, in the two operations of cream foaming and creaming, the gas requirements in the Cream Chargers are the same, using clean and pure gas, no impurities, particles, suspended matter and Dust, because the gas is used in food, it is necessary to reach the food level and be clean. In addition, in the gas type, it is a gas of nitrous oxide.