Whether Cream Chargers can be used in the production of soda and the understanding of water-free cream

- Nov 17, 2018-

Cream Chargers, it is necessary to familiarize and understand it, because it is used in making cakes and fancy coffee, and it is used more, so this specific requirement will be met. And below, I will start this work immediately to deepen my understanding of the Cream Chargers.


1. After the egg white is stirred with sugar, is it cream? Can you use foamed eggs for foaming?

Adding sugar to the egg white, and then stirring it with the egg beater, it is tempting like a cream, but it is not cream. Therefore, after the egg white is stirred with sugar, you can't get the cream. You can only get the protein cream, although it can also be used in cake making. Upper, but the effect of the cream is not the same. But Cream Chargers, which are used together with cream for foaming, rather than with meringue.


2. Is the gas filled with soaked eggs and soda gas bombs the same?

Creamy egg, which is filled with nitrous oxide gas, and soda gas bomb, which is filled with carbon dioxide. Although they are all gases, and the names of these two things have a certain degree of similarity, they are different from a professional point of view, because they are filled with different gases, and the gas they fill is used for different purposes, not Have the same purpose.


3. Is the gas in the cream egg available for the production of soda?

The gas in the cream egg is a gas of nitrous oxide, and the gas used to make soda water is a gas of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the gas in the cream egg cannot be used in soda. Water is produced because they are not the same gas and cannot be used universally. However, they have one thing in common, so that they do not affect the food itself.


4. Anhydrous cream, is it used in combination with Cream Chargers for cream foaming?

Sewage cream, which is a substance produced from oils such as vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, and has similar physical properties to natural cream. Although it is also a cream, it can also be used together with Cream Chargers for cream foaming. However, in the cream foaming quality and cream foaming effect, it is still less than natural cream, so in some cases, it cannot be completely replaced by natural cream.http://www.wxytgas.com/