What is Krypton?

- Nov 23, 2017-

Krypton element symbol KR, atomic number 36, atomic weight 83.80, periphery electron arrangement 4s24p6, located in the sixth cycle 0 family. Elemental consists of a single atom molecule, a rare gas, colorless, odorless, tasteless.

Density 3.733 g/l, melting Point-156.6 ℃, boiling point is -153.3±0.1℃. The atomic fan radius is 198 pi m, the first ionization energy 1351kj/mol. 20 ℃ per liter of water can dissolve 23 ml. The chemical property is very inactive and has been made to stabilize the compound by 80 ℃ KRf2. Used for filling light bulbs and electronic devices. X-rays can be absorbed as shading material for X-ray work.