Transmission system and process process of electronic gas

- May 05, 2018-

In a certain extent, the electronic gas is a large scale integrated circuit and flat panel display. In the process of operation, the optical fiber, solar cell and compound semiconductor device are indispensable raw materials in the production of the electronic industry. It is widely used in etching, doping, film and so on.

To some extent, the transmission system of electronic gas mainly refers to the steady transmission of the gas point to the process production equipment, in order to meet the requirements of the process process, and to ensure the safe use of the process and product, and transfer the electronic gas from the air source to the gas source without two pollution, control the flow and pressure of the process demand and so on. . Depending on the nature of the gas and the supply of packaging, the general electronic gases can be divided into bulk gases, specialty gases and bulk gases.

In general, the large scale gas supply system is mainly aimed at the large scale integrated circuit factory of large scale production and the solar cell production line above 100MW, the epitaxial process line of the light-emitting diode, the 5 generation liquid crystal display factory, the optical fiber and the silicon material epitaxial production line. Their investment scale is huge, the most advanced process equipment is used, the demand for gas is large, and the most stringent requirements for stable and uninterrupted supply, purity control and safety production are put forward.

In the course of the use of the electronic gas, in addition to the special gas packed in the ordinary cylinder, there are many kinds of special gases used in the use of the large packaging containers, which are called bulk gas, including the Y- cylinder (450L), the T- cylinder (980L), the 940L, the ISO tank (22500L), the fish, and the fish. 13400L and so on.

The gas panel of electronic gas adopts pneumatic valve and pressure sensor, which can realize automatic switching, automatic nitrogen blowing, automatic vacuum assisted evacuation, multiple safety protection measures, leakage detection, remote emergency cut off, special nitrogen blowing origin and so on. Special gas uses independent gas source, multi-point supply is supplied by VMB or VMP, VMB or VMP adopts branch pneumatic valve, nitrogen purge, vacuum assisted emptying, etc.