The use of liquid nitrogen in industry and biology and medicine is different

- May 14, 2018-

Industrial production, will use liquid compressed air fractionation method to obtain the liquid nitrogen, depth can be used as a refrigerant, because of the liquid nitrogen chemical inertness, can directly contact and biological tissues, frozen immediately and won't destroy biological activity, it is because of the characteristics of liquid nitrogen, frozen food and transportation will be used for rapid, or make ice.

Liquid nitrogen can also be used for the study of low temperature physics. Demonstrate low temperature in science education. A soft object soaked in liquid nitrogen at room temperature will be as brittle as glass. For high temperature superconductor shows superconductivity temperature, for example ybco; It can be used as refrigerant to rapidly freeze biological tissue and prevent tissue damage. It is used to make nitrogen fertilizer in industry; Used for chemical detection, such as BET specific surface area test method.

Liquid nitrogen is used in biology and medicine, which is to eliminate red fire ants. Can use the method of quick frozen in surgery to help stop the bleeding or - 170 degrees of the needle is inserted into the cancerous tissues, frozen to death of cancer cells, which can remove the skin surface and shallow after the part of the need to cut out; Then there is the storage of living tissue, biological samples, and sperm and eggs. Liquid nitrogen can be used as a refrigerant to rapidly freeze biological tissue and prevent tissue damage.

Liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy, which is a new technique in the field of modern therapeutics. Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a comprehensive effect of cryobiology.

The principle of liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy, which is because normal cells are in a state of extreme freezing, is irreversible damage. In the extreme freezing condition, the disease area cells were quickly killed, and the disease area was recovered normally. General liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is used to treat warts, corns or other skin diseases. The operation can also be used to treat breast cancer.