The use of cylinder gas principles and advantages

- Apr 03, 2018-

The cylinder gas must be stored in the classification and storage during the process of use. The product needs to be fixed and safe in the process of erecting. The gas of the cylinder needs to be far away from the heat source to a certain extent, effectively avoiding the exposure and strong vibration, and the general experiment The amount of indoor storage cylinders must not exceed two bottles.

When the cylinder gas is operated, in order to avoid its confusion when various cylinders are used, it will effectively paint the cylinder with different colors to indicate the name of the gas in the cylinder. The pressure reducer selected on the high-pressure gas cylinder should be classified exclusively.

The shoulder of the cylinder gas is mainly produced by using its stencil to produce the following marks during the manufacturing process. The date of manufacture of the cylinder, the cylinder model, the working pressure, the pressure test, the pressure and pressure test date, the date of the next inspection, the gas volume, and the weight of the gas cylinder.

During the installation of the cylinder gas, the screw should be tightened, so that leakage can be prevented to a certain extent. When the pressure reducer and the on-off valve are opened and closed, the operation must be slow. When using the valve, the on-off valve should be turned first and then opened. Pressure reducer; run out, first close the switch valve, put out the remaining gas, and then close the pressure reducer. Do not close the pressure reducer and do not close the switch valve.

When using cylinder gas, the operator should stand at a vertical position with the cylinder interface. It is forbidden to strike the impact during operation, and often check for leaks. Pay attention to the pressure gauge reading. Oxygen cylinders, hydrogen cylinders, etc., should be equipped with special tools and must not be in contact with oil. Operators should not wear clothing gloves that are stained with various kinds of grease or that are sensitive to static electricity to avoid burning or exploding.