The use and advantages of common high purity gases

- Apr 04, 2018-

High purity gas is usually used in the process of using its modern purification technology to achieve a certain grade of purity of gas, high purity gases for different categories of gas, the purity of different indicators, for example for nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, helium, usually refers to the purity equal to or higher than 99.999% of high pure gas.

For hydrocarbons, the purity of 99.99% is considered to be a high purity gas. In the process of using this product, the field is very wide. In the semiconductor industry, Gao Chundan, hydrogen, argon and helium can be used as carrier gas and protective gas, and high purity gas can be used as the base gas for mixing gas.

Use of common high purity gases

1. ethylene oxide can be used as plasticizer, lubricant and so on.

2. chloromethane is an important methylation agent, and it can also be used as refrigerant, foaming agent, etc.

3. chloride can be used as refrigerants, aerosol, petrol seismic agent, local anesthetic.

4., two methyl ether can be used as jet propellant, refrigerant and anaesthetic. Meththiol is used to synthesize dyes, medicines and pesticides.

5. acetylene can be directly used for metal cutting, welding and atomic absorption. Vinylene acetylene is mainly used as raw material of neoprene rubber.