The standard for sterilization with ethylene oxide

- Dec 14, 2017-

Because of the flammable and explosive characteristics of ethylene oxide, and the ethylene oxide also is the flammable gas which is harmful to human body, when using the ethylene oxide for sterilization, sterilization device should comply with the corresponding standards. Strictly control the quality of each link. The management of the sterilization workshop should implement the detailed rules for the implementation of the production of sterilized instruments products to ensure the safety of personnel and environment.

1. Establish a perfect and feasible sterilization process plan, ethylene oxide storage and send-receive system. Personnel holds the certificate to mount guard, in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

2. Ethylene oxide storage should be isolated from the sterilization production. Explosion - proof wall should be provided, and the storage room should be cool, ventilated and sun-proof, with inflammable, explosive and toxic signs, and equipped with fire fighting equipment.

3. There should be no hot work, transformer and other equipment or operation capable of sparking within 30 - 50 meters around the sterilization workshop.

4. It is forbidden to wear nail shoes into the site during sterilization. It is strictly prohibited to operate on-site smoking, in case of explosion accidents.

5. In the process of operation, pay close attention to the change of the pressure and temperatures. Adjust at any time.

6. When opening the sterilizer at the end of the sterilization process, doors, windows and ventilation equipment must be opened first. When the indoor ethylene oxide smell is very strong, should not turn on the electric lighting and flashlight, except explosion-proof lamps.

7.The residual ethylene oxide gas discharged after sterilization should be properly treated and meet the environmental protection requirements.