The significance of cylinder robot automation system

- Mar 20, 2018-

In order to welcome the new era of advanced manufacturing and digital technology, BOC has also demonstrated a cylinder robot automation system, which has changed the way cylinders are sorted, picked and transported at busy production sites. The system is the first application of a six-axis robot in the industrial gas industry. It combines four rotary disks to pick up and handle cylinders.


Evans continued: “The launch of this cylinder automation system is a milestone moment for BOC. It reinforces its competitive advantage and represents a major security investment for the Sydney Operations Center, which produces more than 1.3 million a year. Gas cylinders.Designed by global experts and local engineers, the system integrates advanced laser vision technology, automatic navigation vehicles, robots and 3D cameras - has successfully implemented automated operation procedures and introduced new skills in the future to BOC's workforce. ."

Dr. Aldo Belloni, CEO of the Linde Group, said: “This state-of-the-art automation is a clear example of Linde Group's promotion of cutting-edge innovation on a global scale. Innovation is our DNA, and the Linde Group is very proud to be a gas industry innovation. A global leader, and BOC is leading a new era of automation in Australia. With the addition of new world-class specialty gas facilities, the Sydney Operations Center is not only one of the Linde Group's busiest production sites, but it is now in global production integration. And the frontier of automation. "

“The BOC Sydney Operations Center is a world-class manufacturing facility with construction standards exceeding Australian and international industry standards, further consolidating BOC’s leadership as an industrial gas in the Asia Pacific region,” said Sanjiv Lamba, member of the Linde Group Executive Board and chief operating officer for the Asia Pacific region. The status of suppliers, with the increase of production capacity and high-efficiency production technologies, BOC's new specialty gas plant will export Australian-made products to emerging electronics, manufacturing and medical markets in Asia, which is particularly important because Asia-Pacific regions are expected to The demand for gas will increase significantly in the next five years." Since its opening, Linde has invested more than $130 million in the Sydney Operations Center.