The scope of application of dry ice

- Nov 23, 2017-

Mold Industry Cleaning

Tire molds, rubber molds, polyurethane mold, polyethylene mold, pet molds, foam molds, injection molds, alloy die-casting, cast hot-core box, cold core box, can clear the remaining resin, the failure of the film layer, carbonized film agent, oil, through the vent hole, after cleaning the mold bright as new.

Petrochemical Power

Cleaning the main fan, air compressor, smoke machine, steam turbine, blower and other equipment and all kinds of heating furnace, reactor, such as coking coking carbon removal. Cleaning the heat exchanger on the PVC resin, the removal of compressors, tanks, boilers and other types of pressure vessels on the oil, rust, hydrocarbon and surface fouling, cleaning reaction kettle, condenser, complex body decontamination, furnace tube ash and so on.

Food and pharmaceutical industry

The baked residues, colloidal substances and oils in the oven can be successfully removed, as well as the raw product mixtures before baking. Effective cleaning oven, mixing equipment, conveyor belt, mold products, packaging equipment, furnace, furnace plate, container, roller, freezer wall, biscuit grate and other equipment.

Printing industry

It is difficult to clear ink, and the ink on the gears and rails leads to poor printing quality. Dry Ice cleaning removes a variety of oil-based, water-based inks and varnishes, cleans the gears, guides and nozzles from oil spills, accumulates inks and dyes, avoids hazardous waste and solution emissions, and personnel damage caused by hazardous solvents.

Automobile shipping Industry

Cleaning of the door skin, roof, carriages, car bottom oil and other water stains, will not lead to water pollution, car carburetor cleaning and automotive surface paint, etc. to clear the engine carbon. If the process of carbon deposition, chemical treatment with a long time, at least 48 hours or more, and drugs harmful to the human body. Dry ice cleaning can completely solve the problem of carbon sequestration within 10 minutes, that is, saving time and reducing the cost, descaling rate of 100%. Hull body, seawater suction valve, seawater condenser and heat exchanger, computer room, machinery and electrical equipment, etc., than the general high-pressure water jet cleaning cleaner.